"Barry J Simon and the folks at his office are by far the most effective and courteous law professionals I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. To top that off, I feel like one of the luckiest accident victims in Southern California being that I found Barry Simon online! I am not a man of legal savvy, nor do I have the first clue what to do as far as the insurance companies, the claim against the other driver, document I need from work or even what doctors or specialists to go to... 

I gave him a call, explained the details of my auto-accident and that was that. Barry himself (not an assistant) told me he would take the case and gave me step-by-step instructions and guided me through the entire process. Everything. Nuts to bolts... 

In a city as large as Los Angeles, in a sea of accident lawyers, And without being referred........to say that I got lucky finding Barry is a ridiculous understatement.  To say that the Law Offices of Barry J. Simon should absolutely represent you in your personal injury case, now that's accurate..."                                


      George G.

      Lomita, California

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I believe providing the most client-oriented and effective personal injury representation means the right personal injury attorney to be dedicated and diligent to get the maximum compensation for each client.  A successful personal injury claim or lawsuit starts by providing the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney.   "My goal is to earn the trust, respect, and loyalty of my clients, by always putting them first and providing prompt, efficient, and effective legal counseling.  I feel it is most important to be accessible and responsive to clients while handling their needs with honesty, integrity, and compassion."  With over four decades of experience, Personal Injury Lawyer, Barry J. Simon has successfully helped thousands of people throughout California and the country receive favorable settlements and jury verdicts.  It all starts with the right lawyer!  "I personally handle my cases so my clients only deal with me. Open since 1987, we have helped thousands of clients with their cases, receiving favorable verdicts and settlements countless times. My number one goal is very happy clients! 


Personal injury accidents not only affect you physically, mentally and emotionally, but they can impact your family as well. If you want an honest lawyer who cares about you and will fight like a pitbull for you, please call Barry J. Simon at  (877) 733-4393 for a free consultation today.  Email  bsimon4370@aol.com    Complete Contact Form  or   

Fax:  (877) 734-4257

Herniated Discs

If you are involved in an accident and the at fault driver causes you to have a herniated disc either in your neck (cervical) or low back...

Insurance Companies

Your insurer has a duty in California of good faith and fair dealing to you. Unlike carriers for another driver who causes an accident, t...

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"If you are looking for an A++++ Attorney,

Barry is your man!!!
Let me first say that Barry is a man true to his word...  

I found Barry by searching Yelp reviews in my area.  The first thing that caught my eye was his photo.  He has this great big kind smile on his face so I decided to read the reviews.  The reviews I read were wonderful and exactly what I was looking for in an attorney...  The first time I called his office, he answered the phone immediately wherein there was no fee for a lengthy consultation.  During my first conversation with Barry, I was able to see that he was indeed smart, kind, caring, funny, experienced, self-assured, and knowledgeable.  Throughout the case, he made recommendations and took the time to explain anything and everything, whatever the question, and without hesitation.   Barry is an amazingly patient, down to earth, personable, responsive attorney with a great sense of humor who truly treats his clients like his friends...  

Barry handled the entire case with professionalism, ease, empathy, and honesty.  As you know, some attorneys can be hard to reach, arrogant, blunt, short, and expensive.  However, Barry was compassionate, affordable, and able to be reached at any time.  Unexpectedly, Barry was also willing and capable of communicating in various forums, i.e., telephone, email, and text which was very convenient and helped move the case along without delays.  He handled every turn with forethought and effective follow-through... 

Lastly, Barry is definitely one of a kind.  I cannot say enough about Barry.  You can tell that he really loves his job because he goes out of his way to make sure that he takes care of you.  Never in my life have I experienced such warmth and professionalism from a lawyer.  Barry is on top of it!  I highly recommend Barry to you as well as my family and friends...!"                                                                                           

 Tina Collela,




During his career, Barry J. Simon has recovered millions in successful case settlements and favorable jury verdicts. This achievement has not only contributed to his professional skill but his personal commitment to giving each client the care he/she deserves.  "Helping people who are injured is more than just a job."  He truly enjoys the opportunity to help people and has earned a reputation for being fiercely loyal and dedicated prompting one jury to refer to him as "The People's Lawyer."


After passing the Bar Mr. Simon initially went to work for two insurance defense firms. While at these firms, he discovered, “insurance companies don’t care about people, only about making money."  This prompted him to become a Personal Injury Attorney representing victims and consumers.  Never looking back, this experience has given him a unique perspective, while pursuing the best outcome for his client.  He is a successful and aggressive litigator protecting the rights of the injured.  He believes in diligence and fairness while actively prosecuting the rights of those injured through no fault of their own.


He has been a volunteer Settlement Officer and Arbitrator for The Superior Courts in Los Angeles helping to facilitate the resolution of cases. Mr. Simon only takes cases he believes in and keeps a small caseload so he can give his clients the personal attention they deserve. You will always deal directly with him.


He specializes in serious injuries resulting from auto or car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and many other injuries caused by negligence. Because he understands the methods insurance companies use to intimidate and confuse, Mr. Simon takes great pride in protecting the rights of the injured whether it be from dog bites, railroad injuries, wrongful death, or any kind of personal injury.


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