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If someone else causing an accident that results in serious injuries to you, there are

several things you should do to maximize your claim for damages and accountability

by the at fault driver. At the scene of the accident make sure the police come and do

a complete investigation including photos if necessary and make sure the police know

the extent of your injuries and pain. Get witness names and contact info, take photos

with your cell of all vehicles involved and the accident location.

Get medical attention the same day or the next day. Research the internet for a

compassionate, responsive, hard working, caring lawyer and contact them before you speak to any insurance company. After retaining a lawyer, fully cooperate with your

lawyer on anything he or she needs to pursue your claim and work together as a

team. I keep a small caseload so I can personally handle every aspect of my clients'

claims and it gives me the time to put in 300%. That is what you need to get the best



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